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Eva Morris Biography

First erotic story, ‘Hands On Training’ dearly purchased by Penthouse.
Author of the self-published collections Bad Girls Bedtime Stories, Drivers Daily Log and
Why It Is More Important To Have A CB Radio Than a Basset Hound on a RoadTrip
maintains a subscription newsletter, Blonde Updates from the Open Road.
The erotic collection RoadBabe! was first published by Grove Press founder Barney Rosset in 2000.
Featured in Editor Susie Bright’s Best American Erotica 2000, published by Simon & Schuster.
‘Diary of a RoadBabe’ illustrated strip debuts in the 25th Anniversary Penthouse Comix.
Invited to interview literary legend Dr. Hunter S. Thompson in Aspen, a year prior to his death.
New non-fiction narrative novel The Adventures of RoadBabe now being edited in NY, and
a feature film, RoadBabe: Legend to All Truck Drivers is in discussion!

RoadBabe enjoys and maintains her prized stable of classic cars:
’57 Desoto Firesweep “Dulcinea”
’60 Mercury Monteray “Love Torpedo”
’63 Galaxy convertible (390) “Abracadabra”
’64 Mercury Montclaire (390) “Quicksilver”
’65 Chrysler Imperial (413) “Eminence”
’80 Alfa Romeo convertible Veloce Spider (4 carb/straight 4) “Pleasure”

Road Babe (‘rod ‘bab) n. 1: Blonde Bombshell of the Open Road, Spirit of the Open Road 2: Mythic, adventure-loving, fearless female character, a symbol of Freedom 3: Hottest RebelBabe to ever drive X-country 4: Free Spirit and busty Sex Kitten 5: Modern Blonde Adventuress 6: A road-tripping female 7: legend to Truck Drivers everywhere 8: v. Teasing truckers, coast to coast

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Book titles by Eva Morris:
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RoadBabe! The Best in Erotica from the Babe in the Alfa!


Legend to Truck Drivers
A Modern Blonde Adventuress
Blonde Bombshell off the Open Road
The Best in Erotica from the Babe in the Alfa!
Free Spirit and busty Sex Kitten with a car jones-
Here are all 36 original stories plus 7 bonus stories,
including ‘Ode to Hunter S. Thompson’, his last interview.
This is the full Eva Morris Omnibus of Erotic Automotive Adventure.

“RoadBabe is an original. It is sexy, funny, and above all has a feeling of Free America. Eva Morris is feisty and very with it.” -Barney Rosset; Grove Press, Blue Moon Books, Evergreen Review.

“I like this story, and you, for that matter, yeah yeah, it’s a good story and I understand it, yeah yeah, you’ll do well, yeah, you’re a writer, Eva, oh yeah.”  -Hunter S. Thompson

“If Jack Kerouac and Anais Nin had a girl, with the Marquis de Sade as a Godfather, Eva Morris would be the progeny. …An accomplished author way off the mainstream charts.” Sentinal-Record, AR

“Erotica with intelligence and humor.”
“Edgy, original and different!”

Check out Eva’s interview on a New York City talk show!


Red Hot ChickLit Review: The Best 10 Memphis Female Authors

Red Hot ChickLit Review:
“Excellent first for a national anthology of the years best with Eva Morris at the wheel!”
-Agent Bob Silverstein

The Memphis Flyer, September 2012: Leonard Gill’s column / Ralph Bowling’s photograph

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Book titles by Eva Morris:
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Eva Morris

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